United Way Announces Community Goals

12 Jul United Way Announces Community Goals

The United Way of Huntington County held a series of Community Conversations during the second half of 2015 to determine what residents Huntington County residents believed to be the critical issues facing the community. As a result of these conversations, coupled with area statistics and reports, the United Way of Huntington County Board of Directors approved the new Community Impact Plan for the next three years at their June 2016 board meeting.

In this approval, the Board moved to create three impact areas including education, health and wellness, and financial stability. Within each area, two to three goals were set. Board Vice President Cindy Dillman described how the vision of the project was focused on listening to the voices. “We needed to learn what the community believes the needs are so we can direct funds to those needs. We spent six months last year gathering the voice of community members at large; students, business owners, volunteers, workers, retirees, you name it, we spoke to them! We listened to your thoughts and these goals are reflective of Huntington County as a whole”.

In addition to goals, metrics were developed by focus groups in each area. The goals and metrics were created for partner agencies, community members, and the United Way office to work collaboratively toward tackling the challenges identified.

“We understand it is our responsibility to you to direct every dollar donated to the most worthy, most effective, and most needed causes,”Dillman said. “As one of the strongest United Ways in Northeastern Indiana, it is obvious we have earned your trust to make that happen, and we are excited to introduce this more intentional, focused funding process to the community. We can do an even better job of making good on that commitment.”

President & CEO Adam Drummond shared how the new process would be rolled out to partner agencies over the next few weeks. This new alignment provided a collaborative style to foster change that gets to the root cause of the challenges. “We are excited to work with our partner agencies in how we [United Way] can be the hub to support the work in each of these areas.”

Along with new goals and metrics, three images were designed by local graphic designer Shane Whitacre to provide a visual representation of the impact areas. “We are appreciative of Shane’s work with the images he created. Our hope is that these visual images become synonymous with each of our impact areas,” Drummond said.

Next steps involve working with Community Force, an online management system that provides a comprehensive system to build the applications, provide feedback, and analyze growth in each of the goal areas. The new process begins in January 2017.

Those interested in learning more about the Community Impact Portfolio are encouraged to visit the United Way of Huntington County web site by going to: www.huntingtonunitedway.org. You can also like and follow United Way on their facebook page at www.facebook.com/unitedwayhc.


The United Way of Huntington County
Community Impact Goals:




·       Every child enters school ready to learn.

·      All identified students have access to age-appropriate mentors and other    academic supports.

·       We want Huntington County to be THE place to sink your roots, where
we retain and attract the best and brightest young people.



Health and Wellness

·       Provide immediate assistance to ensure physical and/or emotional safety
in the event of an unstable situation or imminent danger.

·       Support community members as they pursue a healthier lifestyle.




Financial Stability

·       To ensure families’ basic needs are met by providing immediate
assistance in the event of an unforeseen crisis.

·       Increase financial stability for families.


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