Pacesetter Highlight: Northwest Elementary


09 Oct Pacesetter Highlight: Northwest Elementary

We asked Principal Mark Dubois about Northwest Elementary and their experience this year being a Pacesetter for the United Way.  We love this message as you can truly see the amazing hearts behind the staff and students at Northwest!

“This year at Northwest, we wanted to focus on why we do what we do instead of focusing on what we do.  When we focus on our what we are only addressing the surface of a cause.  What are activities, themes, causes, and challenges. They can be fun, but can easily come and go only to fade away and lose momentum.  Why defines our purpose.  It is our core belief from inside of us that directly impacts our how and what.  Our why does not come and go or lose strength or momentum.  People will support why we believe more than what we do.  It is an inside out approach.  For example, if we are to approach something from the outside in (what, how, why) it would look something like this: Support the United Way, we are going to raise money this week, it’s for a good cause. Instead, if we approach from the inside out (why, how, what) it has a much more powerful and lasting message: If you believe that a community can transform lives through loving others, a generous heart, and selflessness, we are going to have some fun activities this week to raise funds, support The United Way.

Our week of activities to support the United Way was a very special week.  It was not the dress-up days or throwing water balloons that will impact our Northwest students, it was why they participated that will last beyond their elementary years.  When students would come into school to give generously and sacrificially, you know they are giving from their core belief of loving their community.  Many times, students would bring in money and mention how they were saving the money for themselves, but felt the cause was more important to give of their savings.  They would also bring in extra money to “pay it forward” because they knew that not everyone could give. Our strength in community comes from working together and believing in a common purpose that we can faithfully follow.  The United Way encompasses that belief and Northwest is honored to be a small part of a bigger picture.”

At the United Way we deeply believe in setting up our youth for educational success, and we know the staff at Northwest is doing not only that but setting up our youth to be wonderful community members and leaders of tomorrow.


…Who maybe throw water balloons at their Principal…



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