Huntington County Bison

DSC_4892The United Way of Huntington County welcomed Keekiiyosia (Kay-kee-YO-see-ah) to the community in 2016.  His name means “Traveler,” He traveled to 19 different events in the county last summer.

Special thank you to Katrina Mitten, Angela Ellsworth, and Katy Strass for their beautiful painting on our bison. Thank you also to the City of Huntington for letting the artists paint the bison at Schenkel Station, Pearson’s Body Shop and Wrecker Service for donating the clear coat finish, Novae Corp. for the use of their trailer, and LaFontaine Arts Council for partnering with us for the unveiling event. Another thank you to the Historical Museum of Huntington County for displaying Keekiiyosi during the winter and to the Historical Forks of the Wabash, where Keekiiyosia will be permanently located spring 2017.